Welcome at RAW-Samples

The Goal of this Website is to provide RAW-Files of nearly all available Digitalcameras mainly to software-developers. It's not the goal to share every different exposure-setting of a camera-brand, but to give developers the possibility to check their software with different camera-brands and modells.

How can you help to extend this archive?
If you own a Digitalcamera or if you have access to one which is not listed here and if the camera can record in RAW Format (DNG is actually not a proprietary file-format with plain sensor information, aka RAW!), I'm glad to get a RAW-File of it which I can then publish here on my website.

Make a photo of something with structure and colorfull, there is no photographic art required. Then send this file including camera-brand and model

by e-mail to: rawsample (at) rohrbach-informatik.ch (e-mail will be "human-readed", you may write in english or german)

or upload it trough ftp to:



A free FTP-Program can be found here: FileZilla
(if possible, try first the "active"-mode, as passive is actually not working due to firewall-rules)

Attention: Please send also an e-mail with used filename, and your name. I really need this to know, that you are the owner of the file! The file must be free of any copyright and I can not be responsible for any legal rights on it!

I will then provide this file here to everybody who is looking for one for free.

For the latest updates you may check here: changelog.


Thanks a lot for your help and I would also appreciate your link to this website.
Jakob Rohrbach, Switzerland.


The old Website (incl. DNGPatch) will be found here: http://www.rawsamples.ch/archive